Meet The Crew

Abu Sarah:

I am Abu Sarah (Karim) and active in the background since 2007. I ensure that the administrative and webshop processes went well. In addition, I also ensure that the website works well and user-friendly functions. I find important that you as a customer can easily surf through our webshop and be satisfied with our service.

My dream is to build a company aimed at anyone who loves modest (covering) Islamic clothing. A webshop with a large assortment of clothing, accessories and excellent service for the whole family. My focus is mainly on the men's collection. I enjoy looking for Islamic clothing focused on men and boys. Clothing of good quality, nice fabrics but mainly carries fine. Clothing I would also like to wear.

Umm Sarah:

I am Umm Sarah (Safae) and the power behind the designs of the ladies' collection. On my 19th I consciously made the choice to wear the Hijaab. This created me the need for Islamic modest clothing. With my background fashion formation I quickly found that the offer was very limited in Western Europe. We were dependent on the designs from the Middle East that do not meet the needs in Western Europe. In addition to the designs, the sizes of the clothing from the Middle East do not match the average person. With my fashion background I felt the urge to fulfill this need.

At the beginning of 2007 I started designing and sewing specific garments on order. At the end of the year 2007, this resulted in the creation of the webshop. The aim was and is still offering qualitative unique Islamic clothing for everyone. It soon turned out to be a success. In recent years I have learned a lot from my customers when it comes to styles and desirable sizes. With this knowledge I set up the Ummsarah Wear ™ brand in the year 2011. We have opened our own studio abroad with the brand where only us is sewn. We mainly offer Ummsarah Wear ™ through our own webshop and a few points of sale in Europe. Ummsarah Wear is characterized by unique designs and a size chart focused on the Muslim in Western Europe. Ummsarah Wear ™ is the first fashion label in the Netherlands focused on Muslims.

Today we are an established Modest Fashion company with around 4 collections per year and clothing for the entire family. My dream is to fully provide the clothing needs of the Muslim. Young and old, ladies and gentlemen and descent. My passion is to stay close to faith and have fun in dressing. Every collection I try to do as diverse so that there is something fun for everyone.

I enjoy preparing and assembling the orders and contact with my customers. I do this with a lot of love. This love from I in the way of packaging the orders. Every order, small or large, must arrive like a gift from my dear customers. Only when you as a customer when opening your order gets a smile on your face, I have achieved my goal.

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