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The Rosa Collection

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The Collection -

Subtle and Modest, the range of designs are made out of a soft palet of colours that influence our state of mind.

Just like the happy feeling we get while looking at soft pastel coloured roses. It has a romantic touch whilst keeping its modern minimalistic style.

Each item was named after a rose and all of the items/roses together make a beautiful blend and bouquet.

Much like our seasonal collections, we aspire to bring a fresh and broad variety of styles which you can mix and match. You can wear one item or other collection items to achieve a modern appeal whilst keeping your identity.

Pastel rosy shades bring out our feminine side, not only do we love to see it, we love to have it around us.

One of the lovely names that our Prophet SalaALlahu aleyhi wasalam use to give to Aicha ra was Humayra, which means rosy. Because of her rosy cheeks. She was a strong young woman whom we all aspire to be in one way or another. She was romantic as well as steadfast and a great leader. 

The aesthetic of the collection shows soft textures and graceful lines that all body shapes can appreciate. Each skin tone will love and cherish the balance of colours and style.

Our goal is to make each woman feel feminine but not have to show her body to achieve this. Femininity is the way you dress, the way you speak and the way you feel. It is about being strong, being gracious and being the gorgeous woman you are in a modest way.

For this collection we were inspired by romantic minimalism. The way you mix and match our items will define your own style, whether you like to show your romantic side more or advocate minimalism.


The pastel colors that makes you get butterflies in your stomach. The way the clothes float around your body like a nice summer breeze. Elegant, fresh, young and just adorable. Like a picnic in freshly cut grass and setting balloons free in the blue sky. Flowers and lace and bows will make you fall in love and feel like the pretty lady you are.


For the simple, modest women. No patterns, no bows, no rings or pearls or pockets or screaming colors. Just you and your clothes. Modern, refined and back to basic. When it’s about you and not about everything around you. Timeless class.

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