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What we believe in!

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In all general terms, I like to start off by saying that, by no means do I refer to myself as being a professional writer. I have been writing in the past about all things that encompass the lifestyle of an entrepreneur ( it sounds really cool, but you’ll find out soon that it’s not just cool, it’s way passed cool LOL) that struggles ( yes I struggle too!) between keeping up a brand, a flagship store, employees, an online store and raising two beautiful children. I love to write though, because I get to pass on my thoughts about many subjects. If I may say so myself, “we” are doing a great job and everything is developing so quickly. We receive emails from customers around the world appreciating what we do. All praise is due to The One that Created us and made us able to do this.

The “we” part.

We are a small group of humble people that try to provide women and little girls, all over the world, with an option to dress more modest than an average ‘modest’ brand. We have seen many come and go. We have seen different brands offering the same collections. We felt there was still something lacking. So one of us, yes that was me, started designing some items and styles that we felt were missing in all of the existing brands. We came up with Umm Sarah Wear, because it is actually what Umm Sarah Wears! And I hope that soon little Sarah will wear this too! All of what you see, is what we Love to wear.

We chose, from the beginning, not to portray any of our models in our Marketing and ads. I will elaborate on this subject in a different blogpost later on, in shaa Allah ( If Allah wills) I think you will find my reasoning behind this very interesting, because it is not only about the prohibition of making illustrations. My reasons and vision go far beyond this matter. It all comes together when I say, that we are Queens and little princesses. I feel we lack this feeling about ourselves too much. I will try to revive this feeling by telling you why it’s so important to think this way about yourself.

What do we want?

We want Paradise. Basically. What we would love is for you to be a reason for us to enter it together.

That sounded nice right? Yeah, I know. I loved it. But really, I find that, in wanting Paradise, we must not take this subject lightly. For us it has a lot to do with dresscode, obviously. But none the less it’s way more than that. We just try to make that specific part easier on all of us. That’s all we want.

For now, welcome to UmmSarah Wear blogging. Please feel free to introduce yourselves to us. We have been around for a while, I’m hoping to see some names I recognize! <3